Real Estate Law

Since 2003, Beatriz “Betty” A. Llorente has represented parties in lawsuits, mediations and arbitrations on issues involving both commercial and residential real estate transactions. She seeks timely resolutions in civil litigation involving real estate transactions. Her goal is to resolve disputes involving real estate owners, sellers, landlords, and tenants.


Betty has vast experience in the real estate industry, providing legal services for over 13 years. Betty represents clients from contract to closing. She is involved in every aspect of a real estate transaction, from reviewing the contracts, negotiating the contacts, providing title insurance, preparing loan documents, seller representation, and settlement procedures.

Our professional staff is skilled in both international and local markets. Based out of South Florida, our focus is to serve our population by providing reasonable solutions and offering top-tier legal services.


Betty is litigation ready, with experience in negotiation, contracts, purchase agreements, short sales, foreign investments, property transactions, lending disputes, development, interventions, prohibition and injunctive relief. She also assists clients with loan modifications, short sales, foreclosure defense, evictions, and general litigation involving real estate.


We deploy full legal services with a business savvy perspective and strong understanding of the Real Estate industry. We use a humanistic approach to resolving disputes and offer the following services for commercial and residential cases:

Purchasing a property

Selling commercial or residential real estate

Estimating and paying property taxes

Financing a property via loan or mortgage

Property development and construction

Property management, renting, and leasing

Property value adjustment

Betty will help you negotiate and protect your assets whether you are in litigation, in the process of a bankruptcy, or have issues with a title – all while maintaining aggressive legal representation that gets results.


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